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El Toro Bull
El Toro Steak House

An Experience In Fine Dining

Restaurant Photo Inside
Restaurant Photo Outside
As an experienced gourmet you know all about good food. That is why EL TORO should be your FIRST choice. Whether going out for a romantic dinner for two or with a group of friends, you will never regret coming to EL TORO.

Let your eyes feast on our romantic Old World ambiance. Let your taste buds imbibe the divine taste of our refreshing hors d’oeuvres, our wholesome soups, our garden-fresh salads, our fantastic array of dizzyingly delicious continental cuisine and, of course, our juicy, succulent collection of the greatest steaks around. Sizzling T-bone steaks, tender Fillet Steaks, mouthwatering Chateau Briands.

At EL TORO, we are not just a restaurant but a museum of the finest culinary collections whose heavenly taste will melt in your mouth bringing you to the highest degree of gourmet enjoyment.


El Toro Steak House
215/31-32 Second Road
(opposite Royal Garden Shopping Center)
Pattaya City 20260 / Thailand
Phone +66-38-426 239, Fax +66-38-426 238

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