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Five Stars Vegetarian Food

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I have personally eaten here, it's clean with delicious
food at very inexpensive prices, Miss Somjit

You Are What You Eat...
For a healthy body and mind, fresh, clean food is very necessary.
Our vegetarian cuisine is prepared for your health and happiness.
The taste of our food is especially satisfying. Come & try it yourself.
Our restaurant is the result of many years of experience from the
food & beverage field in Hong Kong where our cook was trained.
We look forward to serving you.

(Real Menu has over 60 Items)
- Tom Yom Hed Ruam-Mit / Spicy soup with mushrooms 35B
- Tom Kah Hua-Plee / Coconut soup with banana-flower 35B
- Kao Tom Rung-Nok / Seagull bird nest congee 50B
- Guoy Teow Ped Jay / Vegetarian duck noodle soup 40B
- Sukiyaki / Vegetarian mixed vegetable soup 40B
- Pla Puak Sam Rod / Yam in fish shape w/sweet & sour 50B
- Nam Prig Noom, Pak, Kab Moo Jay / Vegetarian chilli sauce
dipped w/vegetable & crispy vegetarian pork skin 40B
- Tao Hoo Pad Pong Kra Ree / Stir fried bead curd
w/yellow curry paste 40B
- Pad Preaw Wan / Stir fried mushrooms, cucumbers,
tomatoes, pineapples w/sweet sauce 40B
- Kao Pad Sup-Pa-Rod / Pineapple fried rice 50B
- Kao Pad Nasi-Karang / Indonesian Nasi-garang fried rice 50B
- Kaeng Keow Wan Loog Shin Jay / Green curry
w/vegetarian fish ball & coconut milk 40B
- Hoh Mok Hed Ruam Mit / Red curry w/mixed mushrooms
and coconut milk steamed in banana leave bowl 20B
- Kaeng Pad Ped Yang Jay / Red curry w/vegetarian
roast duck and coconut milk 40B
- Poh Pia Yuan Tod / Deep-fried vietnamese spring roll 45B
- Satay Gai Jay / Vegetarian chicken satay 50B
- Gai Hoh Bai Teoy Jay / Deep-fried vegetarian
chicken in pandanus leaves 50B
- Rung Nok Toon Ma Prao On / Seagull bird nest
steamed w/young coconut 100B
- Lemon Grass Juice 15B
- Lemon Tea, Hot or Cold 25B
- Lime Soda 15B
- Logan Juice 15B
- Soya Bean Drink 15B
- Coffee 30B
- Water Free

Lunch - 11:00am to 15:00pm
Dinner - 17:00pm to 23:00pm

Five Stars Vegetarian Food
313/37 South Rd. (Near 3rd Rd.)
South Pattaya, 20260 Thailand
Tel (038) 421-125, 723-658

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