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"Pattaya provides plenty of on land recreation ... "

Been there, done that. Every Pattaya web site and book will tell you our history but we will tell you the Truth !
Two out of three tourists who come here extend their stay. People come to Pattaya and they don't want to go back home ! There is a large expat community here because of this. It's a great place to live because of the lack of meddling laws that seems to be the norm in Western Countries. People want to enjoy their lives. Please be forewarned that because of the lack of these same Western Laws there are many who take advantage of it. Let The Buyer Beware & Watch Where You Step will keep you out of trouble most of the time. Talk to the locals, reputations of local business are well known to them.

Pattaya also provides plenty of on land recreation, a number of excellent 18-hole golf clubs, while other sporting options include tennis, horse-back riding, go-kart racing, shooting, archery, bowling, snooker...the list goes on. There is even a motor racing track. True to its city status, Pattaya, unlike other beach resorts, shows no slackening of pace after sundown. South Pattaya, popularly referred to as "The Strip", is packed with all kinds of restaurants, bars, discos, and shops. If South Pattaya is a trifle overwhelming, those seeking quieter opportunities for shopping, dining and evening entertainment will not be disappointed. Such has been the development of the resort in recent years that full amenities are now to be found throughout Pattaya which extends well inland from the bay.

Shopping possibilities are as varied as Pattaya's other attractions. Souveniers, handicrafts, gems and jewellery, ready-to-wear and custom-tailored clothing, paintings and more are all to be found along "The Strip" and increasingly at smart shops and department stores throughout the resort.

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